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“Mission Montessori Preschool is an incredible experience for children. They teach structured learning as well as important social life skills. Miss Lori, Miss Kristen and Miss Elza are amazing with the children and truly care for their well being in every aspect. When my husband had emergency back surgery, it started a devastating chain of events that left us financially crippled. These wonderful women never turned their backs, but instead stood by us and supported us through tough times. They were more concerned for our son’s education and future and we can never thank them enough! Mission Motessori Preschool is more than a preschool, it’s a family!”

-Mrs P. Chivers


“We enrolled our son (who has developmental delays) last year. The Montessori teachers advocated for him when he needed extra help, nurtured his learning, and was accepting of what could sometimes be very difficult behaviours. They promoted inclusion with the other children, teaching them how to show empathy, and that everybody is the same no matter what. Our son is now almost caught up to his peers developmentally. We believe that he wouldn’t be anywhere near where he is today, without the help from his teachers. We can’t wait for him to start again next year!”

-Dan and Barbara-Ann Kubb


“My son just completed his first year with MMP and I have been more than happy with the program. He looked forward to his school days, and was always excited to share what he had learned that day. I have seen great advances in his comprehension and vocabulary, as well as many other aspects of his basic fundamentals. He had a genuine liking for Miss Lori and talked highly of her. He was sad when the school year ended, but thankfully he will get another year with her in September.”

-Shanna Arcand


“MMP has enriched my daughter’s life so much! The enrichment and blessings have spread from her to our whole family, as she proudly demonstrates the songs, stories, games, and concepts that she’s learning at school. Before starting at MMP, and even though I had exposed her to many social environments, she still wouldn’t step more than 1 inch away from “Mommy”. I was longing for her to have some independence and develop herself, and most important to me I had to find a safe, comfortable, stimulating and enriching environment where this could happen. After spending one afternoon in class with Miss Lori, I knew we had found the right place. My daughter looks forward to her preschool days, can hardly wait for me to drop her off, and I am told she likes to often lead her friends in play – she’s come a long way and a MMP has been a big part. Thanks MMP!

Mrs. Karen Thompson


“I can’t say enough good things about this school. In our third year and second child through, we have never been displeased. Seeing my daughter excelling in kindergarten shows the terrific foundation she recieved at MMP. Mission Montessori Preschool has been paramount in her success.”

-Parent Survey Response


“I cannot thank you teachers enough for all you have done for our daughter. I appreciate all your patience and understanding with her special needs and introducing us to such fabulous resources. She is really loving preschool.”

-Christine O’Brien


“This program is excellent. The last 2 years have been fantastic and the standards are high and appropriate. We felt confident our boys were safe and happy at all times. They have learned so much and are ready for kindergarten”.

-Parent Survey Response


“I have loved Maya attending your school! You guys are awesome and and she loves school days. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait for Maya to attend next year!”

-Corinne Lipkewich


“We are so fortunate that Isabella and Austin have had the opportunity to be involved in such an excellent preschool that is not only a safe and fun place for kids to be kids, but also they have really learned so much from their excellent teachers. Thank you to the Staff! Keep doing what you are doing!”

-Angie Vetter


“This program has really helped my son open up and feel much more secure.”

-Parent Survey Response


“I am very hapy with the preschool. I am thankful that the teachers took the time to help Jamie and I with any concerns we may have. I am sure that because of the teachers, Jamie has made amazing progress and continues to be excited to go to school.”

-Teena Smith


“I write this letter on behalf and in support of Mission Montessori Preschool in Mission, BC.

As a proud member of the community of Mission and a mother of 3 children, I started to look for preschools for my children when the time came. My journey started 6 years ago when my daughter Maisie first attended. I had done research on all of the preschools locally, and they all seemed good but something about Mission Montessori stood out to me. After a tour of the school my husband and I were convinced. The school was bright and beautiful, there were books and educational toys for the children to use freely, and there was a computer and a calm respectful environment. We loved the routine that was established for children and in no time at all, our little girl had become independent, her self esteem soared and she felt really good about doing things for herself. By the end of the first year, Maisie was proud to leave me at the gate and go to her teachers for the all important morning handshake.

Through song and routine, Maisie and my other children learned their continents, provinces, the National Anthem and countless rhymes and “appropriate use of manners”. There was also a monthly study of different cultures that introduced a respect for other countries and educated the children and made them excited about the world we live in. Kristen Hunt put her heart and soul into the school and that was always felt through constant parent/teacher updates. I certainly don’t mean to focus solely on the educational aspect of Montessori (even though it excites me), there was also highly encouraged free play every class and because of the focus on manners and respect, I rarely ever remember “hitting” or disrespect going on. The teachers would handle sticky situations immediately, the situation was then resolved without harsh reprimand.

I have a daughter with special needs who required a significant level of supervision and intervention at times. Kristen did not even blink or question our decision to enroll her in school, in fact Kristen was highly motivated to do whatever was needed to make sure our daughter had a safe and healthy experience, that meant everything to us. Our daughter came to school with a registered nurse everyday and our nurse was welcomed with open arms. As a sort of “mole” our nurse would comment to me daily about the amazing abilities of the teachers and the excellence of the program in general. Our nurse loved watching all of the children grow up and thrive and that just confirmed our decision to enroll our children in Montessori was the right one.

Kristen Hunt certainly could not as one woman, handle all of the demands of running a preschool, so her teachers were all hand selected and every one of them have a gift and have lived up to my expectations as leaders, teachers and caregivers. That have all been with “us” for a long time and that speaks volumes. If you were to go around town and approach families with young children, chances are you would hear the happy positive stories about Mission Montessori, past and present or waiting to get in. Mission Montessori has become an absolute staple in our community, it is an establishment that starts our children off on the right foot, and in my mind, it is creating the future members of our community. It is important to support the growing demands of the preschool and encourage it to grow, so in turn, we may watch our children grow and thrive and become healthy honourable members of society.

I am only one person but as a community we should honour Kristen Hunt and the teachers of Mission Montessori and encourage and support them to continue their important work. I cannot stress enough the importance of the little people on this planet, they hold our future.”

-Kelly & Mike GarettDear Kristen,


You are such a wonderful gift…and your timing is impeccable. You came with your wonderful school at atime when I was dreaming of such a place, but sure that it didn’t exist. I know that every year you have faced incredible challenges, personal and professional, yet you never let the standards slip, nor gave a hint of the strain to either student or parent. Your beautiful school simply keeps getting better and better and you are even more professional and adept in handling all the new and wonderful situations your success brings. I remember once when you had to speak with a parent during a school outing about the way she was interating with her child and the other children…I did not envy you having to do that! Yet you handled it with grace and compassion and the parent actually became open to suggestions on parenting–wow! I have appreciate everytime you lied and said you weren’t busy when I phoned with some concern–your empathy and advice has been priceless. It has made me more confident in who my kids are and therefore, my kids are more confident. You have been as picky as I have about whom you allow to interact with my children–your teachers have all been compassionate, joyful, talented and amazing. I have never had a concern about leaving my children in the care of you and your teachers during the three years at he school. My children have so many wonderful memories of their time at your school–you have given them such a fantasic gift in all the great experiences that they have had. They have gained such confidence and skill that this is going to help them greatly in everything else they do. They quite simply feel that school is the most wonderful and exciting place to be and that they are very smart and interesting and deserve to be listened to by adults and that they are good friends and helpers. What an amazing gift you have given them. I am very sad that our time at Mission Montessori Preschool has ended, but I regret not a single moment. Thank you again for all the hard work and sacrifices that you have made on behalf of my children. For all the times you may have wondered if all the hassle and frustration was worth it…the impact you have had on the little ones that attend your school is far greater than you will ever be able to see or understand. They will remember this magical time in their lives forever and the blessings will last a lifetime. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Kim Rigden-Briscall

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